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Big stickers Volume 2

$5.00 USD - $35.00 USD

Big stickers V2 various designs based on different situations

Item Details:
✿ 3" / 7CM tall
✿ Diecut
✿ Varies in finishing

✿ A: Hydrate (Matte Finish)
✿ B: Or suffer (Matte Finish)
✿ C: Back by unpopular demand (Glitter Finish)
✿ D: Many thoughts no want think (Linen Finish)
✿ E: Manifesting for you to fk off (Glitter Finish)
✿ F: Respectfully Stfu (Holo Finish)
✿ G: Don't k1ll the cringe (Glitter Finish)
✿ H: Tragic Yaoi lover (Linen Finish)
✿ I: Toxic Yuri Enjoyer (Linen Finish)
✿ J: Eat your Meds (Glitter Finish)

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